Backhoe Dredging Works Continue

GPS Marine’s Dredging Department has been busy undertaking backhoe dredging operations at Newhaven Harbour. The Arnaud Regis (purpose built Backhoe Dredging Pontoon) assisted by GPS Marine’s Shoalbuster ‘GPS Avenger’ and Split Hopper Barges ‘John’ & ‘Paul’ is dredging up to 14,000mᶟ of silt in Newhaven Harbour to develop a Windfarm Support Port. The dredged silt is loaded in to GPS Marine’s 800t Split Hopper Barges and taken to Newhaven Offshore Dredging Disposal Area.


GPS Marine’s Dredging Pontoon ‘Arnaud Regis’ loading Split Hopper Barge ‘John’ in Newhaven Harbour with Shoalbuster ‘GPS Avenger’ assisting operations.

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