GPS Marine Holdings Ltd is pleased to announce that after an extremely protracted process it has finally completed the purchase of the Damen Stan Tug 1606’s PB Alligator (2010) and PB Sabina (2009) from PB Towage (Australia) Pty Ltd. The purchase of these tugs was originally agreed in March 2016 but problems associated with the relocation of the tugs from Australia to the UK and other bureaucratic issues prevented the completion of the sale until 27th September – making the period 23rd to 27th September particularly momentous for GPS Marine as a whole.

The tugs are yet to be used in earnest and will first undergo some overhaul, upgrading and modification works to render them more suitable for work within GPS Marine’s R&LT division as well as further afield if required. Both tugs will be registered in the UK with London as their home port.

The first of the two tugs to undergo refit will be the PB Sabina which will be renamed “GPS CAMBRIA” and will change classification society to Bureau Veritas in the course of the refit, which will also see her coded under the SCV code for operations up to 60 miles offshore. THE PB Alligator will follow the PB Sabina and will be renamed “GPS ARCADIA” whilst retaining Bureau Veritas class and being coded for up to 60 miles offshore.

Sabina Alligator




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