Full voluntary ISM compliance

GPS Marine Contractors Ltd took a major step towards full voluntary ISM compliance when on 27th June 2017 the Company passed its full term ISM office audit. The audit, carried out by two MCA surveyors identified only 3 NCN’s and made 2 observations, an outcome which was considered to be most satisfactory by the operations team at GPS Marine. The introduction of the safety management system that is at the heart of ISM compliance is proving to deliver enormous operational benefits as well as serving to improve the levels of health and safety awareness of all staff whether they work afloat or in the office.

Obtaining a full term Document of Compliance is the culmination of a programme started in 2012 to bring the operational and safety standards of the business into line with client expectations for businesses operating in the offshore, dredging and marine construction sectors in the 21st Century. Clearly, efforts to improve and develop the systems are ongoing, but achieving this significant milestone should not go unremarked.

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