GPS Cervia added to the River & Light Towage Fleet

The tug GPS Cervia (previously the Cory Environmental tug “Recruit”) has completed a thorough refit prior to entering service with GPS Marine’s River and Light Towage fleet. As part of the refit the tug has been provided with a black water tank and sewage system compliant with the recently introduced “Thames freight standard”. She is the first tug in the GPS Marine fleet to have been retro fitted with such a system and is probably the first tug of her type on the Thames to be retro fitted with such a system. In the course of the refit the tug has been provided with a completely new navigational aids package, new auto start compressor, a second steering pump / system and new automatic greasing system for the stern gear. She has also undergone overhaul of her machinery and the complete refit of her forward and aft accommodation. Undoubtedly the tug will both complement the existing fleet and provide much needed additional capacity in the fleet.

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