GPS Marine – FTA Sea Freight Operator of the Year 2018!

GPS Marine Contractors Ltd has won the FTA Sea Freight Operator of the Year 2018 award!

Managing Director John Spencer said the following when asked about winning the award.

“Having been told by the then Port of London Harbour Master Lower in the early ‘90’s that barge traffic on the Thames was gone forever and even having felt myself until the early 2000’s that freight transport by barge on the Thames was the ultimate sunset industry, my team and I have often felt that we were swimming against a full spring ebb tide.
Subsequent appreciation of the vast economic, social and environmental benefits of river freight on the Thames by planners, utilities and the construction majors encouraged us to develop and invest heavily in our business.
Having had no expectation at all of winning the fantastic FTA Sea Freight Operator of the Year 2018 award, my team and I were stunned but delighted that our years of commitment and endeavour and our investment in our sector has been recognised and rewarded by our peers.
I am immensely proud of my team and grateful to the FTA for making GPS Marine Contractors Ltd their Sea Freight Operator of the Year 2018.”

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