GPS Marine has secured a contract from Volker Stevin to clear the pile lines and to dredge to berthing box at the TTT East Chambers Wharf Cofferdam. The pile line clearance and UXO investigation work has already been completed and the main dredging is set to take place in early 2017. Meanwhile, GPS Marine is set to work with Tarmac to deliver the cofferdam fill materials for both the Chambers Wharf and King Edward Memorial Park Cofferdams, also for Volker Stevin. GPS Marine’s unique position in maintaining a full dredging spread on the Thames and its large and varied fleet of tugs and barges means that GPS Marine has the flexibility to cope with programme movement and provide the flexibility to meet changing levels of demand that inevitably accompany this type of complex project. GPS Marine is also providing civils staff and crane barge capacity on this project and at Volker Stevin’s site at Blackfriars, further upstream.

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