GPS Marine continues to provide spoil transport and disposal services to Ferrovial Laing O’Rourke JV (Flo) at the Northern Line extension Site at Battersea. Having cleared the loading berth of over 100 obstructions and rendered the berth safe for craft to lie aground, GPS Marine loads barges from the old Battersea Power Station Jetty just downstream from Grosvenor Rail Bridge which take commuters into and out of Victoria Station and transports the material to Goshem’s Farm at East Tilbury where GPS Marine’s sub-contractor Ingrebourne Valley Ltd discharges the barges and sprads the material for beneficial reuse. This operation has now moved 200,000 tonnes of material from Central London to Essex having produced no road traffic impact and, indeed, having reduced the projected effects of the project on the roads in the vicinity of the project by Flo’s decision to maximise the use of river transport by diverting material which was originally scheduled to be taken to tip by road onto the river.

Northern Line

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