Pipe Installation at Becton

GPS Marine’s Commercial Diving & Underwater Engineering Division (GPSM DiveCo) have been contracted to install a number of pipes as part of the £190m upgrade at Becton Sewage Works.

Becton Sewage Works is Europe’s largest Sewage Works and will be able to deal with 60 per cent more sewage during storms once the upgrade is complete.
To date a total of 6 pipes have been successfully installed and signed off by Thames Water, with a remaining 4 pipes still to be installed. The next phase of the project is set to begin in the coming weeks once preparations have been completed.

The pipes are assembled at Pontoon Dock, which is located off the Royal Victoria Dock, from where GPS Marine Tugs tow them to the Becton site for GPSM DiveCo to carry out the installation works.


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