Thames Tideway Tunnel Project

Our 2209 Eurocarrier ‘GPS Battler’ proceeding down river with 2 loaded hopper barges away from the Thames Tideway Tunnel Project.

Barge ‘KG6’ is loaded with 1100t of excavated material from the Chelsea Embankment Site and is the 47th barge from the site.

Barge ‘GPS 1610’ is loaded with 1600t of tunnel arisings and is the 945th barge to leave the Kirtling Street site. To date, by using barge transport, the main tunnel excavation has removed 68,250 single journey lorry movement off the already congested streets of London.
To put this into perspective, if these lorries were lined up top to tail from the main tunnel excavation site in Battersea they could form one continuous long line all the way up to Edinburgh!

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