Tideway Tunnel Project

Please see below an exciting video produced by Tideway showing how the Tideway Tunnel Project is using the Thames to transport millions of tonnes of cargo to minimise the Project’s effect on London’s roads and to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.
GPS Marine Contractors Ltd. is proud to be the main marine contractor working on the largest section of the project. GPS Marine’s contracts on the Central Section of the project are for the transport of almost 2 million tonnes of tunnelling spoil and the delivery of 7,050 tunnel lining rings weighing 43 tonnes each. In addition to this the company is engaged on numerous other support activities for the project. GPS Marine’s main contracts on the Tideway Project involve providing 5 tugs and 12 No. 1500 tonne hopper barges, plus a further 5 tugs and a range of other barges and marine plant which are engaged on ancillary work.

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